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Building Your Business From the Ground Up…

Building your business is much like building your garden. It takes years of planning and nurturing to have a mature and thriving garden, slowly changing and evolving as the seasons pass. There are the occasional bursts of luck…like finding a reliable source of manure that will feed your garden for several years, but usually you need to rely on adequate leaves and yard waste to make proper compost to build your soil.

When those seed catalogs arrive during the dead of Winter…you start to reminisce about last year’s crop and start to plan for the coming Spring. Some of those seeds will need to start indoors before the Spring weather breaks. But that’s all part of the preparation for your annual harvest and all the wonderful blooms each Summer. As the weather starts to cool in the Fall, it’s time to gather those plants you wish to weather indoors over the Winter, and tuck in those bulbs and perennials as they go dormant for the Winter.

Our four seasons make for a lot of ups and downs throughout the year, but you use those changes as an occasion to improve. These seasons enable our gardens to change and grow into a healthy existence.

Lynn Slackman - December 2010