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Tenby Technologies focuses on internet-based advertising solutions for small businesses and organizations. Give us an opportunity to listen to your needs and design a solution to address them.

Web Site Design: Clients and potential clients perceive your business or organization, in part, by the image you convey. Your web site is your primary presence on the internet. A well designed web site can convey an image that enhances and promotes your business.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engines have become the yellow pages of the 21st century. If a client is looking for your business or organization on the internet, can they find your web site easily?

Internet Marketing: How cost effective are your current direct marketing efforts? People are spending more time than ever in front of their PC monitors and mobile devices. Internet marketing can focus your advertising and put your message in front of specific demographic groups.

Social Media Marketing: FaceBook has over 500 million members and they spend on average 32.5 minutes per visit on this web site. Would your business or organization benefit from exposure to a customer base like this? Social media can be a useful tool to locate new customers and to strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

Lead Capture: Do you need more sales leads? Finding qualified potential clients can be a challenge. The internet can be a source of sales leads for many businesses.

Email Marketing: How often do you contact your customers? Email marketing can be a cost effective way to keep your business in front of your customers and for reaching out to new customers.