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Did You Choose That Domain Name?

The domain name you select can have an impact on how customers view your business, how search engines rank your site, and can impact how easily people find your site. To improve your chances of selecting the perfect domain name for your business, please consider the following suggestions:

1. Don’t select a name that is difficult to remember or difficult to spell
Forget about outreach, because only sesquipedalians will remember how to spell: http://sesquipedalian.stanford.edu/

2. Don’t select an obscure domain name
Your domain name should relate to your business and incorporate the important keywords people will use to search for your business. Which of these do you think is better? nickscompany.com or nickslawnservice.com

3. Don’t select a name that is already trademarked
The US Patent and Trademark Office maintains a registry of all domestic trademarks and pending applications. Even if a domain name is not already acquired, you should avoid trademarked names. Zorbox.info may be tempting, but it is already trademarked.

4. Have a second pair of eyes to double check your selection
The folks at this Spanish tourist company might want to rethink their choice: http://choosespain.com

Good luck in choosing your next domain name.

Dick Slackman - December 2010